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DMC Elite Training Fins

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DMC Elite Training Fins
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Please note: Due to stock volatility and availability issues, color of fins may vary. We will ship the available color for the size ordered.

Size chart for DMC Elite fins here.

Kick Assist - Reduces Fatigue - Stabilises Ankle Roll - Comfortable

The DMC Elite fins were designed as all round swim training fins for pool swimmers. The short length blade offers similar power as a stiffer bladed fin due to the V Rail design which helps displace more water with both up and down kicks.


  • Asymmetric design stabilizes ankle roll, increases speed and decreases fatigue
  • Silicone material for maximum comfort
  • V Rail channel for efficient water displacement
  • Off-centre drain chute helps your fins stay on during flip and tumble turns 


  • Kick assist to allow you to work of your stroke
  • Comfortable
  • Reduced Fatigue
  • Suitable for Pool Swimmers 

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